New Evidence Privacy Policy 2005

New Evidence appreciates the concerns you may have with respect to the circulation of personal information on the Internet and wishes to address these issues. It is important that you understand the type of information we collect from you when joining our mailing list along with its intended use. Please read the following sections carefully. We also strongly suggest that you refer to this section periodically for changes or updates. Please be assured that New Evidence will not collect any personal information without your prior consent.


The collection and processing of personal information takes place only when you give consent by joining our mailing list. When you join the mailing list, we will explicitly advise you that the information that you are about to submit will be processed, collected and stored in server sectors that are inaccessible to the public. New Evidence also provides, within reasonable limits, means to verify the accuracy and to update your personal information.


New Evidence collects your personal information for the sole purpose of processing your journal subscription in order to send you printed issues of the journal. Also, in the event that parts of your information are incorrect or incomplete, it allows us to reach you.


New Evidence will never disclose your personal information to third party stakeholders (sponsors, advertisers, partners and other clients). Your personal information can only be accessed by New Evidence. If ever we request information for another purpose, you will be automatically and explicitly informed at the time such information is requested. We will never disclose any personal information to parties outside of New Evidence without your explicit prior consent. Furthermore, please be advised that all personal information collected by New Evidence is stored in server sectors that are inaccessible to the public.

Despite the above, at any time, you may request that New Evidence end its use or planned use of your personal information.

In summary, the following are the only times at which New Evidence may disclose your personal information: upon request by a legal authority or in good faith when such action is deemed necessary (a) in order to abide by applicable laws or regulations or to intervene in a lawsuit against New Evidence; (b) in order to protect or defend the legal or property rights of New Evidence or those of its users; and (c) to intervene, under extreme circumstances, in order to protect the personal safety of New Evidence users or the safety of the general public.


New Evidence has set up security measures to protect you from the loss or unauthorized use of your supplied personal information. As well, New Evidence servers are equipped with firewall technology. Despite these measures, and given that no technology is foolproof, we must advise you that there will always remain a certain amount of risk and that your personal information may be disclosed, without your consent, unintentionally, and without fault on the part of New Evidence. New Evidence declines any responsibility in the event that such confidential information is disclosed, unless caused by negligence on the part of New Evidence.


Personal information collected by New Evidence is used for the sole purpose of processing your information for our mailing list, allowing you to receive print copies of our publication. Your information stays exclusively within the New Evidence network and is, at no time, shared with clients, partners, sponsors or other outside parties.

Our privacy policy follows the guidelines as defined by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

We hope that this information has provided you with a better understanding of our strict privacy protection policy. Please note that New Evidence reserves the right to modify these policies at any time. Thus, we invite you to periodically consult this section for possible updates and changes.

New Evidence